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  1. Sunrise-Production | Utopia Whitelist Template [MUST FOLLOW] Made by: Jack Lee Last Updated: 07/01/18 Personal information (In-Character) Forename: Surname: Age: County: What is your background story (85 Words Minimum): Other Information (Out-of-Character) Why do you want to join Utopia Life? (85 Words Minimum): Do you understand you must speak fluent English? Yes [ ] No [ ] What is your Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy): Link to Forum Profile: Link to Steam Profile: Arma 3 UID: Are you able to connect to and use TeamSpeak?: Yes [ ] No [ ] (If no, provide an explanation) Do you have a working microphone?: Yes [ ] No [ ] (If no, provide an explanation) Have you read the server rules?: Have you read the forum rules & expectations? : What is RDM and what does it stand for? What is VDM and what does it stand for? Please give your definition of role-play: Roleplay Scenarios You crash into someone's car, an RP situation has just started what do you do? You are being told by a person with a rifle to put your hands up what do you do? (You have a 9mm pistol on you)
  2. Landing Page

    Hello community I'm happy to announce that a landing page has been deployed here -> Shiny The domain name previously set for the forum is now used for the said home page, so there shouldn't be any issues with redirection and all that. The new forum address is now forums.sunrise-production.com Hope you like it.
  3. Get the feeling...

    Hello everyone First of all we want to thank you all for your interest in what we are doing. About our state of mind... We like to work with right minded people, childish behavior will be severely punished as we will not tolerate that our community becomes a mess. We are not in competition with anyone, we do what we think is best. No bullshit or chitchatting. About donations... We believe in self-funding therefore all the donations will be used to pay bills, as simple as that, we want to instill and promote transparency, this is our moto. That being said, support plans (more infos here) for a small amount of money will be available from release day for a an undefined amount of time. Your role... We really want that framework to be the most enjoyable experience. For that reason, we, the sunrise production team, count on you to share suggestions. The most featured ones will be implemented in the framework as a thank you for your involvement. You will be able to post suggestions here when the time comes. The future of the community... We, at sunrise production, want to encourage sharing & co-operation between existing communities & new ones (we already are negociating). This way we are sure to "spread the word" in an attempt to reach the greatest number of beneficiaries. We also want to provide you, community members, with regular events (in-game & on the forums), contests and much more... so you're not only members but also contributing to the whole system we put in place. About updates... Keep in mind that we will still update the framework & terrain with fixes & enhancements after the release.
  4. fn_currencyToText.sqf

    Version 1.0.0


    Description Function to return currency symbol & passed amount as text Installation Copy/Paste function file wherever you want, declare it in CfgFunctions, enjoy To Do Add more language support (more currencies) Feedback on currency formatting (symbol as prefix or suffix)