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  1. A little bug Master Benj found

    Seatbelt dont work properly -> Many cars dont appear after buying -> Check the price ---> I WANT MY MONEY BAAAAAAAAACK Pd shield that is in General shield holsters wrong -->
  2. A little bug Master Benj found

  3. A little bug Master Benj found

    Pd shield in general store- When scrolling in clothing store, most of the clothing entered my inventory, without buying- --- Villa house in Bluesprings dont exist. Just a image -- - Bluesprings DMW not working - -Rebel outpost randomly put a bad spot (probs not done) -Lots of improvements with the police force. I will personally send a document to higher up admin for things and improvements i think my Detective department should get. -Also a random bridge not fully developed and useless (mid map ish)
  4. A little bug Master Benj found

    Already bought the houseeee loooong time agoooooo ;))))))
  5. A little bug Master Benj found

    Some of the houses have a different language-- Position of the map- Bug master Benj will update more when im done with all my diggity damn Kill my self exams before graduation. (Btw, imma fail and live on this server)