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  1. A little bug Master Benj found Howdy then neighbor
  2. A little bug Master Benj found

    Get away from my damn houses you potato! THATS MAH PROPERTY!EGKLNJWEKGK. And yeah lol this is what I was talking about, the shitty houses have spanish writing. SMH RACIST!
  3. :P

    Oh! Even better! Sorry I was unaware, and no problem.
  4. :P

    Hey so couple things I think should change as well as some bugs I found. I purchased a couple houses and noticed that after you buy them the scroll on the door to open/interact no longer works. I rejoined a good 3 times still nothing, checked all my mods to make sure and even tried ''U'' and it still didn't work so I'm almost certain its a bug. Some houses aren't purchasable for example there are those small houses that if you walk up to them it says ''open door'',''close door'' in spanish....WOW of course the Mexican lives in the shitty one floor house....smh. Also vehicle painting doesn't work, I brought my car to the painting dealer and all it does is load to 100%, however I'm not sure if this is because I actually need to go get paint and do it or what not. Suggestion to add/change. Remove that big ass sniper rifle from know....the one that's longer than your character Remove all rifles from the gun shop and re-place them with the guns in the rebel shop (There are better legal guns then illegal) Remove the NVS/Night stalker scope (OP AF) (This might be added in already and I probably missed it but..) Add furniture/Home Decoration. Ex: Ill post some more things tomorrow