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  1. Personal information (Character) - Forename: Michael - Surname: Cameron - Age: 16 - County Norway: - What is your background story (85 Words Minimum): Michael is from a big town in Norway called Trondheim where he grew up. Michael decided to move to Lakeside where he stayed for a couple of years and experienced being a police officer, becoming an EMT and how it was to get a record and have the police chasing you all around. about a year ago Michael took a break from life and moved back home to Norway, but now wants to move Utopia and start a new life and experience new things and maybe become an officer or an EMT. Other Information (Non Character) - Why do you want to join Utopia Life? Well I haven't played Arma 3 for some time now and I stumbled over this community and it looks very good. I also watched some videos of the map and it looks great so I can't wait to check it out - Do you understand you must speak fluent English? Yes - What is your Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy): 05/08/2001 - SteamID: 76561198149750045 - Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198149750045/ - What is RDM and what does it stand for? Random Death Match, killing someone without initiation. - What is VDM and what does it stand for? Vehicle Death Match, killing someone with your vehicle. - Please give your definition of role-play: When someone acts or pretends to be a certain character.Also to act out your imagination of a "different life". Roleplay Scenarios - You crash into someone's car, a RP situation has just started what do you do? First, i would tell them how sorry I am, then I would ask if they got hurt in any way so that I can call ems if necessary, then I would ask them if they need repair or I offer them some money for the damages. - You are being told by a person with a rifle to put your hands up what do you do? (You have a 9mm pistol on you) I would put my hands up and not risk my life, I would comply with all their demands.