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  1. Personal information (Character) - Forename: Jay - Surname: Silver - Age: 21 - County: New York - What is your background story (85 Words Minimum): Born and raised in China, my father was American and my mother was Chinese. I grew up loving my country, and eventually joined the People's Liberation Army Air Force and became a Rotary Wing Pilot. I was on leave one day but then something happened, I got a call from my mother, my father was missing and sounded like he was in trouble and urgently told me that I must go and leave the country. Nothing made any sense, did my father betray the motherland!? Soon after my mother came to my residence and told me the truth. My father was part of a group that was fighting for human rights, he was framed and arrested for terrorism, and the secret police also went after my uncle and cousin who we have not heard of again. Again my mother urged me that I must escape before they find me especially given my military background otherwise I will also be charged with conspiring against the government. So here I am, stowed away in a random cargo ship, with my mother back home, and my father missing. Headed to a land unknown, with no money, papers, but I know I will return one day to find the truth and the people that framed my father... A few months later, we arrive at a port, 'Utopia' huh? Looks like this will be my home from now on, a new lease at life. Other Information (Non Character) - Why do you want to join Utopia Life? (85 Words Minimum): I have been watching RIBSOSAY on youtube for a few months, and he has definitely elevated my interest to be part of this community, and he has emphasized that the creator of the Utopia map, has put so much effort into this map and his recent video showcases as such lead me to believe that the leaders of this community are hardworking people, something that I look forward to. This the kind of serious roleplay community that I am into, with a fresh vision, and variations. - Do you understand you must speak fluent English? Yes - What is your Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy): 12/20/1995 - SteamID: 76561198044009465 - Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/jsilver1 - What is RDM and what does it stand for? RDM > Random Death Match, when players engage in the killing of other players without proper roleplay or valuing life of others. - What is VDM and what does it stand for? VDM > Vehicle Death Match, running players over, again without proper roleplay ie. their lives being threatened. - Please give your definition of role-play: Roleplay is the act of taking on a character with different vision, ideas, and ideals that the real person would not normally do so but making sure it is as close to real life as possible, and act as many people in real life would act. Roleplay Scenarios - You crash into someone's car, a RP situation has just started what do you do? I start apologizing immediately that I had a moment of loss of control due to my sister's pet spider that I was taking to the vet escaping from its container from the last bump back down the road, and it crawled on the steering wheel and that I have Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and that I immediately started panicking. And I offer to give them my insurance information as well as to pay for towing fee and or service fee. - You are being told by a person with a rifle to put your hands up what do you do? (You have a 9mm pistol on you) If a person has a rifle and I am carrying a pistol there is no way I am going to get my self killed, I value my life, and in no form of roleplay/initiation would I want to die, so I will comply with the person as I am told, and make my intentions clear that I want to live and will do as told.