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  1. Jackson Blue Civilian Application

    Personal information (Character) - Forename: Jackson - Surname: Blue - Age: 23 - County: netherlands - What is your background story (85 Words Minimum): Jackson Blue is a man of 23 years and came from the netherlands to sunrise island to make his lfie better hey always looked up against te police he wanted to later become a police man so hey kon make the island a better place but destiny had a diffrent pad for him instead of doing legal business hey was doing illegal business such a robbing and kidnapping people after his arrest hey could never join the police derpartment again so after he came out of jail hey try to stay legal but it never work so hey is going back to the illegal stuff and try not to get caught and that is the life of Jackson Blue Other Information (Non Character) - Why do you want to join Utopia Life? (85 Words Minimum): i wanna join utopia life because i like to role play and is saw on youtube that the community have a awesome map nice made whit diffrent kind of levels and a think you have a big community behind it so yeah that is why i wanna join utopia life and im a streamer so im always searching for the perfect server and community and i think i foun that server and community finaly so i hope inform you all why i want to join you community and i hope i hear soon of you guys - Do you understand you must speak fluent English? yes i do - What is your Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy): 02-02-1994 - SteamID: 76561198083559598 - Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083559598/ - What is RDM and what does it stand for? RDM stand for random deeath match so that means you cant walk around an kill people whit proper rp before it - What is VDM and what does it stand for? vichle death match is that you kill people you vichle what is not allowd - Please give your definition of role-play: my definition of role play is that you play somebody that you not are in real life so im in real life a gardner then i role play that im a criminel Roleplay Scenarios - You crash into someone's car, a RP situation has just started what do you do? i would first say srry to the the guy and after that i will try to give him some money for the dammage he have on his car or try toi repair his car for free but if im not able to repair his vichle i will call a trow truck company to tow his car to the crage and i will pay for it - You are being told by a person with a rifle to put your hands up what do you do? (You have a 9mm pistol on you) i wil listen to the guy whit the rifle because ihave a 9mm and i cant out match him whit his rifle so i will do what the guy whit the rifle say because i value my life after he is gone i will call the police and let them solve the problem for me