Drew Miller

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Personal information (Character)

- Forename:  Drew

- Surname: Miller

- Age: 19

- County: USA

- What is your background story (85 Words Minimum):

I am a smart and clever young boy from a small poor family in California USA. Wanting to have a better life then i had and not always be hungry or worried of whaf was next.  From hearing about a placed called utopia. Taking my clothes on my back and what i had in my pockets. I went on my way to start a new life in a place were i didn't know anyone or anything. I want to start over and forget about my family and past. Wanting to have more for my self then i had.


Other Information (Non Character)  

- Why do you want to join Utopia Life? (85 Words Minimum):

After coming from altis life 3 years ago to lakeside on some of the non real severs. I wanted to play a good RP server that is one of a kind and does not cost money to play. I seen a video about utopia and from that 1 video i have wanted to get involed in it. I am tired of all the severs where rules are broken alot and not much Rp goes on or time spent into the server. I look forward to having a fun and awsomw time playing with others and enjoying the RP.

- Do you understand you must speak fluent English?


- What is your Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):


- SteamID:76561197960287930

- Steam Profile:

- What is RDM and what does it stand for?

Random Death Math it means that you did not rp and just ran up and killed some one.

- What is VDM and what does it stand for?

Vehicle Deth Match it means there was no rp and ran someone over or just hit them.

- Please give your definition of role-play:

To RP at all times like its a real life situation and to not break it or fail it. But to make something fun by doing so.

Roleplay Scenarios

- You crash into someone's car, a RP situation has just started what do you do?

I would get out of my car and talk to the person to see if they are okay. 

- You are being told by a person with a rifle to put your hands up what do you do?  (You have a 9mm pistol on you)

As i do not have the gun in my hand and they already do i would listen to them and do as they say. I do care about my safety and would ask to not be shot.

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Good Evening @ThatGuyRage from England

I'm very sorry for the long wait for a moderator to review your application, this was mainly due to development being done.


I will be accepting your application today and I would just like to say thank you for putting up with us.

Your next step is:

  1. Join the Teamspeak @
  2. Head to channel "Waiting For Utopia Interview" and a staff member should be with you ASAP
  3. Enjoy your time @ Sunrise Productions


Thank you for your time


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